Pixel – Lexus Design

Lighting Name : PIXEL, by Hiroto Yoshizoe (Japan)

Lexus Design Award 2017: Protoype Winner

A structure to experience the existence of Light YET Shadow. In this world that we live in, everything is mirrored in our eyes with Light and Shadow.

A chandelier sparkling beautifully, mobile phones and cinema screens, morning sunlight pouring into a dark room, a child’s smile reflecting the candles lit on a cake. Light and Shadow exist as contrasting elements that compose scenes of your daily life. PIXEL is a device that lets you experience the existence of Light and Shadow with your full consciousness. It uses a configuration of visors to create a range of Light and Shadow effects. Through repeated internal reflection, input images are averaged into square outputs.

By converting Light and Shadow into a clear, sensible form, you can experience this beautiful fundamental phenomenon. I have aimed to design between the Light and Shadow, believing that when designing the borderline between the two contrasting elements, they can resonate with each other to move the viewer. Through this, you will find that in fact the contrasts are intertwined with each other.

Light and Shadow, inside and outside, one side and another _ this screen existing between these two contrasts can be a device for dividing, transforming and ‘connecting’ at the same time.