All that glitter

Glitter LED ceiling light
Glitter LED ceiling light

Ceiling lights have gone far beyond the transition from incandescent to LED lights. From standard room illumination to ambient creation, and beautifully crafted pieces that make the ceiling immensely interesting as well.

Easily controlled with apps and remote, you can adjust the lighting of your rooms with a flick of your fingers.

Visit our showrooms and see how you can use these new lighting to best create the mood you want!

Ceiling LED Light Bluetooth speakers chromotherapy

Ceiling Led Light for living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens

ambience ambiance light ceiling led music bluetooth
ambience ambiance light ceiling led music bluetooth

An appliance nowadays is many things, and this LED ceiling light is exactly that.

This ceiling light has Tri-tone LED lighting to ensure perfect bright light for the family’s daily use. Reading, watching TV, as well as chatting, quality LED ceiling light helps to protect the vision of the entire family.

When it comes to building moods, ambience series ceiling lights packs a swiss army knife of features. An amazing spectrum of colors to choose from, in other words Chromotherapy lighting, emitted from behind the ceiling light, allows great control of the user. From the phone app, the ceiling light can be controlled via bluetooth and comes with a free app, surely the user can select from thousands of colors and tones to fill the room.

Bluetooth Speakers

Surround speakers are fun, but costly to install in most homes. Having speakers from the ceiling alongside lighting can be a great acoustic boost. Let the ceiling light pour out your favorite tunes and beats from your device via bluetooth. Rock on!

The ambience series ceiling light also have option of glitter and non-glitter covers, for the bling inclined, or those who just want to add a dash of sparkle in their living room!

Currently at an introductory price, with 2 years warranty. Visit our showrooms and experience the ambience yourself!

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