Avengers Infinity War movie tickets for free!

Avengers infinity war movie free
Watch Avengers Infinity War movie for free


Avengers : Infinity War is coming to our theatres soon!

*image courtesy of Marvel Studios.

Limited tickets. While stocks last!

Get a pair of Golden Village movie tickets free and catch the most exciting movie of the year! From Spiderman to Incredible Hulk! Watch the biggest assemble of Avengers super heroes cast in a movie yet!

Simply make a purchase of curtains, blinds or wallpaper at our showrooms. *please call 6346 2516, or visit our showrooms for a quote.

In celebration of the special launch of Acorn’s new Petals DC Fans, we are also giving a pair of movie tickets for each purchase. This new 46″ 2018 DC Motor Fan is one of the best energy saving, as well as remote control and 18W RBG LED lightkit. Suitable for living rooms, likewise bedrooms, this versatile unit presents itself as a valuable addition to any home!

acorn petals DC motor fan 46"
acorn petals DC motor fan 46″



Grey acorn grey 46 dc motor ceiling fan
Grey acorn grey 46 dc motor ceiling fan

*Grey and wood colours available as well, at additional SGD50.

There is no question that this will be a treat for the family!

Curtains, blinds and wallpaper

curtains blinds Wallpaper Led ceiling
curtains blinds Wallpaper Led ceiling

Our curtains  and blinds department offers wide range of materials, brands, and styles from European to Korean.

Experience how light interacts with the products with our smart displays; you decide how much light you want in your home.